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Califorina Vacation 2011 - Day 12: Coyote Point


Tuesday, we're among the last few furries checking out of the Fairmont. Packing the car, heading for San Francisco. Breakfast at Starbucks somewhere near San Mateo, Furvan shopping for fursuit building materials at a sports store, then a small detour to Coyote Point County Park, visiting the small animal park.

Afterwards, grocery run as we were out of drinks, and filling up gas, as the tank was almost empty. Then check in at the Hotel Bijou and dinner at Lori's Diner on Powell Street.

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Wow, still in cali eh. Ill be hittin up SF chinatown later today. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of ur trip. Safe travels

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Unfortunately, we're back in (cold and gray) Germany already. I just had no time to update this journal earlier.

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Ah. I caught this journal from the fursuit twitter feed thing. Still, hope you guys had a good time. Come visit cali again soon =^.^=

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