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California 2009: Aviation and Dead Dogs


We went to the Hiller Aviation Museum in Santa Clara today. A hangar full of planes from the beginning of aviation in California to todays planes. Apparently, the San Francisco Bay already was the center of technological inoviation in the US from the end of the 19th century. Where else would you find a wooden plane (that actually flew) constructed by two 15 year old brothers in 1906? I haven't sorted the pictures yet, but the view from the obeservation platform at the municipal airport was also quite interesting.

The FC dead dog party for surprisingly well visited, with a lot of fursuiters still present. They even did a second parade through the hotel before the party. It was a good way to say goodbye to the Double Tree hotel, as next year's convention will be at the Fairmont San Jose. I'd like to thank the Double Tree staff for the five years I've been going there for the excellent and friendly service and wish them all the best.


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