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Eurofurence 15

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I don't know if I'll ever write a convention report for EF 15, for now just a few things that come to mind, in no particular order:

The Good

  • Excellent atmosphere, apparently the attendees had a lot of fun.
  • And me, too...
  • Talked to some people I only knew from online conversation before.
  • Eurofurence staff is a great team, you guys rock!
  • Great press coverage in the Freies Wort Suhl again, even with a pre-convention report.
  • The Ringberg Hotel staff is beyond amazing.
  • The pawpet play was very well-received, despite the unusual genre.
  • An outstanding performance by Alexander James Adams.
  • Lots of fursuit fun.
  • A perfectly tuned PA.
  • The staff buffet.

The Bad
  • Eurofurence has become too large for the Ringberg Hotel.
  • One staff member lying down with mononucleosis even before the convention started, three staff member hospitalized for several hours due con-crud (a main puppeteer among them, on the day of the play), one attendee still in hospital with a raptured gastric ulcer. Ouch.
  • Several transmitters and headsets, and one receiver, of the wireless microphone system breaking during performances.
  • The trunked radio link badly disturbing stage video and EF Prime again.
  • EF15 is over now.

By the way, no offense to our Swiss friends, but having raclette with extremely stinking cheese at the bar in the basement was a terrible idea. It completely killed the dead dog party for the rest of us. Don't do that again, please.

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Ah, that was the reason for the air down there ;)

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