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Further Confusion


Further Confusion -- with lots of confusion. Or should I say irritation? Well, the convention itself was great most of the time. Very relaxed mood and you didn't really notice that over 1700 furries attended. Where have all these people been all the time? From the crowds on the floors and in the SIGs room you would have gotten the impression that this was a fairly small convention. Maybe the majority was sitting in there hotel rooms and watching the unbearable FurCon TV programming, featuring what appeared to be a bad video of last year's DooDa Parade (or however that is spelled), last year's iron artist competition and the worst of Funday Pawpet Show. Anyway, guess this kept the fanboy ratio rather low.

Amadhi presented TA Facial Animation. This program is really amazing, just watch the presentation on the web page. Of course he talked about his movie as well and presented it... well, unfortunately not on a big screen as convention organization put him in a SIG room and didn't even manage to provide screen, DVD player and projector. So we watched it on a screen of bed sheets, taped with gaffa tape to the wall, someone organized a video beamer and someone else provided a Macintosh PowerBook to play the DVD. The sound was coming from one monitor speaker, heavily distorted. I don't think this is the proper way to treat the currently best 3D animator on a convention. There is some irony in it that Eurofurence as a much smaller European convention is giving artists the attention they deserve, while a convention in the US, where it all started, simply does not seem to care.

However, despite the technical hurdles, I've enjoyed the movie and 2 the ranting Gryphon saved the night with his comedy program and surprise guest unclekage. What can positively go wrong with 2, Uncle Kage and two bottles of Sake on stage?

Later that night, into the morning, bigbluefox and another DJ, whose name I've unfortunately forgotten, got me dancing (yes, indeed!) at the Saturday night dance. The dance floor was still full when I left it on 2 AM. Since others said it was unusual for the dance lasting so long, I guess it was a great success. Congratulations BBF!

Of course, another highlight has to be mentioned: Heather Alexander and Uffington Horse. This woman, solo or with her band, does rock the house! With folk and folkrock, even. Sorry Clannad and Loreena, I need the space for Heather's albums. And the best thing is: she's coming to Eurofurence as this year's guest of honor. Yay!

Other things to note: Further Confusion made it to the front page of the San Jose Mercury News, the FIA (sorry, cannot be more specific about it, otherwise I have to shoot you... Just one small note: it involves me in an outfit you'll only rarely see me) made it to the convention newsletter. We had a nice Sushi dinner with Amadhi, Herbie and other artists tonight. The variety show was quite nice as well. And lots of other interesting things that slip my mind right now.

Well, let's go to the fun part. Or irritating, if you were in my shoes. cheepaw misplaced the keys to our RV yesterday. Right after we got the RV from the renting station. We've been looking everywhere, called the service hotline for replacement keys -- which wouldn't be possible to solve on Sunday anyways, pestering Hotel security and con operations about whether the keys have been found. Since I signed the RV contract I was especially unnerved as the damage would be payed from my credit card. Finally, while Tristan was calling the AAA, he found the keys in a pocket of his notebook computer case. In return, I broke the key for the water tank when trying to open it. But I seem to be the retriever dog here, somehow: found one of our FRS radios when returning the rental car, retrieved Jaryic's from the hotel shuttle service, picked up numerous things in our room and brought them back to its owners... Anyway, I'm going to keep the keys now.

And oh, by the way, I actually bought something from the art show: a limited print by Goldenwolf, some sick Jim Groat joke picture, a wolf painting by Kimberly LeCrone and a snake charmer picture by tanidareal she draw on the flight.


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