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Updated Map

Look, it's a shiny new map! And even with two more US states I've visited:

Roadtrip 2005 photos

I've finally put my photos of the trip online. The gallery software still needs some additional configuration, but it basically works.

Back from the US

Well, I'm finally back the trip through California (plus a bit of Nevada, and we even were in Arizona for one night). The weather was fine most of the time -- apart from San Francisco where it rained every evening.

Further Confusion

Further Confusion -- with lots of confusion. Or should I say irritation? Well, the convention itself was great most of the time. Very relaxed mood and you didn't really notice that over 1700 furries attended. Where have all these people been all the time? From the crowds on the floors and in the SIGs room you would have gotten the impression that this was a fairly small convention. Maybe the majority was sitting in there hotel rooms and watching the unbearable FurCon TV programming, featuring what appeared to be a bad video of last year's DooDa Parade (or however that is spelled), last year's iron artist competition and the worst of Funday Pawpet Show. Anyway, guess this kept the fanboy ratio rather low.

Still packing...

I just discovered that I need an additional suitcase. Well, with some force I could stuff in everything I want to take with me, but it will not fit in anymore on the journey back. Funny, the Samsonite suitcase looks much larger than my other suitcase, but the usable space is the same...


Tension rising, collecting things here and there, throwing everything needed in one box, cleaning the suitcase from dust it has collected over the years, trying to remember what's still missing, collecting a shopping list... And all that because I'm going to Further Confusion! And of course not alone (that would surely suck), I've joined a bunch of friends: nachtfuchs, Jaryic, cheetah_spotty, tanidareal, bigbluefox, Foxy, cheepaw, Furvan, Rhondil, gideon_hoss. And of course since a trip across the Atlantic and just for three days would be quite pointless we'll roam California and Nevada with two RVs after the convention for two weeks.