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Leah was a coworker at SuSE a couple of years ago. I barely knew her, as she was in a different department and the company was in rough waters at that time, but I remember her as a cute crazy girl from America full of energy, always in motion, a daredevil. Now I learn she has died falling off the roof of a building she was trying to climb.

There are many in the furry fandom who are just like her. Some like to climb on stage trussing or power poles, maybe even buildings like Leah. Some go out in fursuit doing stunts that are dangerous even without wearing a costume. Some like to race cars on public roads, some do dangerous things on their motorbikes. Daredevils like Leah. Cool, crazy, funny people. By all means, stay awesome. But think before you do something stupid. Being dead is anything but cool, crazy or funny. And for sure not awesome.

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Your link points to a neo-murdochian paywall. Google to the rescue.

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