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Roadtrip 2010 - Impressions

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I didn't find the time sorting pictures earlier. Here's a small collection I'm going to add added to the individual journal entries later.

Looking at the pacific ocean from CA-1

Elephant seal with calf

Sparks at Ryan Rocks, Joshua Tree

Kiras at Ryan Rocks, Joshua Tree

Grand Canyon view

Lynard and Zefiro at Lower Antelope Canyon

Scenic Canyonlands

At Delicate Arch

The Horror!

Meep meep!

Comments 14 years, 5 months ago

That's not a "Horror", that's a nice collection of unique plushies, which made it worth buying a separate bag for them (though the big ones needed some kosher butchering to fit into it).

I think I'll just link to your journal entries. Saves me a lot of typing :)
(being the only one without mobile Internet, it seems, I only now have time to read and write journals)

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