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Roundup on last week's events...


Last week was rather eventful, for my standards. We had our first furry regular's table at the O'Sheas on Tuesday night (with six participants if I remember correctly), had a drink with colleagues on Wednesday -- actually, it was far more than just one drink -- and drove to Herbstcon, a small furmeet in Darmstadt, on Thursday afternoon. I originally planned to start at 3 PM. But not only because of the amount of beer I had consumed at the night before, also because I'm fighting a cold, I barely managed to collect my stuff and get into the car at 7 PM.

Herbstcon itself was very nice, I finally managed to give various CDs and DVDs I've been carrying with me for months to its recipients, we had our yearly assembly of Eurofurence e.V., took part in the F8K TV editorial staff meeting and kept away from the establishment procedure of two additional sponsoring societies...

Okay, that was not exactly the interesting part about Herbstcon. :-) More importantly: we had a lot of fun, excellent food (thanks to all of those who where working for hours in the kitchen!), a nice bonfire which turned into a small forge, Knallpudding, pleasant conversation, relaxed participants, excellent weather. Or, to be more concise: one of the best furmeets I've been to.

Got back on Sunday afternoon, went to the second furry regular's table at the Admiral movie theatre on Monday, and cleaned up my apartment on the public holiday yesterday.


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