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San Francisco and a bit of Further Confusion


I'm late again with the journal, but this time due to too much to do than the (not perfect, but usable) Internet connectivity here at the convention hotel.

On the first night in San Francisco we went to Fisherman's Wharf and had dinner at Johnny Rocket's. The next morning we went to Pier 39 and bought pawpets at Puppets on the Pier, some t-shirts and a few magnets. The sea lions were mostly fishing, only a dozen of them dozing on the pier. Next, we went to china town, where tioh bought a tai-chi sword, f_u_r_v_a_n some gadgets for the dance at Further Confusion and I some Loony Tunes action figures. At night, we had dinner at the Sausage Factory, a nice Italian restaurant on Castro Street. Unfortunately, the Luna Piena has closed for renovation -- I hope not for good. While the Sausage Factory is very nice, the Luna was just excellent. On Tuesday, we were doing some fursuit photo shoots at the Golden Gate bridge, until the police asked us to move on for security reasons. I have to mention, though, that they remained very friendly all the time. Given the current paranoia in the US, I'm amazed how professional they handled it. Afterwards, we went to the San Francisco zoo. Unfortunately, most animals were not in the enclosures as it was quite cold this week, and I was about to write off my investment of $10 entry fee. But we had the luck to meet a keeper of the snowleopards who showed us a very cute and fluffy tomcat with the habit of taking his tail into the mouth. Which resulted in lots of incredibly sweet photos, I still have to sort mine... That night we had a quite expensive dinner at the Hardrock Cafe, but it definately was worth the money. The food was excellent.

On Wednesday, we checked out, drove to San Jose and went shopping (again.) The Great Mall was a disappointment, about on third of the shops being temporary. Fry's on Thursday was much better. Is it just me, or have DVD prices skyrocket the last year in the US? You won't get anything below $10 and even almost all old movies go for at least $20 now... In the evening, we checked in to Further Confusion.

Further Confusion is quite nice so far, many new costumes, lots of people, a busy dealer's room, though I have seen better art shows before. Yesterday, bigbluefox was one of the DJs at the dance, which was a big success (the guy before him was also quite good, but the one afterwards started with hard techno, which drove away the fursuiters.) Let's see what happens today.


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