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The rest of the RV trip...

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Thanks to extremely unstable WLAN connectivity on the previous campgrounds (why on earth do they offer it if it doesn't work properly?) I wasn't able to update my LJ earlier. Here's what happened the last couple of days:

After leaving Campland on the Bay, we were doing some groceries, went to the gas station, had some excellent donuts at Krispy Kream and finally drove (like hell) to Santa Clarita, where we had dinner at an Outback steak house. We stayed at Valencia Travel Village over night.

On Tuesday we visited the Excotic Feline Breeding Center in Rosamond. Though Trapper does not like to get petted by strangers anymore, he's still a very playful and gorgeous lynx. The other cats on exhibit also look very well handled and in good shape -- the place was definately worth the visit.

Next stop: KOA campground at Circus Circus, Las Vegas. Shopping in Vegas was fun, even though FAO Schwartz had sold out most plushies and many other stores have limited their selection of merchandise. Fry's, however, was surprisingly well maintained. I got a lot of stuff that's hard to get otherwise. The show at TI's had more FX than last year, the outfits of the girls are more sexy, but the current choregraphy is not that smooth anymore and I think they shortened the songs. We also visited the lions at MGM and went briefly to the Venetian, but no other casinos. f_u_r_v_a_n even won two bucks at a slot machine and lynard_ at least won the money back he lost before.

Friday: Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park. What a great view! tioh and Furvan took on their fursuits and went suiting there. We shot an enormous amounts of photos there, I still need to sort mine. The RV park for the night was the KOA Lake Isbella, it was freezing cold there, the showers were cold, the toilets clogged and the wireless connection was a poor joke.

And finally, we drove to Pleasanton for the last night before we had to return the RV. The web page of the Alameda County Fairground RV park promised excellent restrooms and showers, however what they do not tell you is that they are closed in winter. We returned the RVs today, Zlatko drove us to the rental car station at the airport and now we are in a hotel on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, where we will spend the next couple of days before Further Confusion.

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All together, now: Vivaaaaa, Las Vegaaaaas!

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