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San Diego


Yesterday, we drove from Morro Bay to San Diego, with a stop at San Luis Obispo. The small city turned out to be very scenic, with a small river running through old town, a nice old mission building and some interesting sculptures spread over the location. We had a second rest at a Fry's near LA and arrived at 8 PM at Campland on the Bay RV park (BTW, their mascot is a wolf!) lynard_ and I went directly to the excellent pool area, relaxing in the jaccuzi. Later, we joined the Jägermeister crew at the BBQ and sat down at the campfire until late at night. Today, we continue to relax here and will drive to Santa Clarita later.

I have only one complaint: could they please fix the US 101 and the I 405? They are in a worse shape than the roads of Eastern Germany in 1989...


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