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Streifen, an amazing animation movie


The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer... The perfect season to watch movies! And for those who haven't been to Eurofurence, or who missed its premiere there, I have a recommendation:Streifen by German fantasy artist, animator and film maker kyo.

Streifen is a feature-length animation movie written and made almost entirely by kyo, with just a little help from some friends. The story is not as straight-forward as your average Hollywood animation movie, but it kept at least me captivated for the whole length. If you don't understand right away what this is about: don't worry, it will come together during the show. It has some few adult scenes, violence and probably disturbing concepts, but the movie is too complex for children anyway.

If you like animation art, you can download the movie at kyo's website or watch it on Vimeo. Hint: watch it on the largest screen you can find. It's worth it.


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