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California Vacation 2011 - Day 1: Traveling and Hollywood

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We're on vacation again, this time with the small crew (lynard_, f_u_r_v_a_n, Kayjay and me) and just visiting San Diego, San Jose (for FC) and San Francisco by car.

I took the train to Frankfurt on Wednesday night and spent the night at the Continental Hotel in Frankfurt. Got a small room with a view — at the South portal of Frankfurt Central Station and the Main Tower. The noise of trams driving by all night was not so nice, though. Fortunately, it was just for one night, the room
was cheap, no reason to complain.

Kayjay also arrived at Wednesday and spent the night at Furvan's place, and we met at the airport at half ast seven. Lynard missed his train from Würzburg due to icy road conditions and arrived an hour later.

The flight with Lufthansa was very pleasant, even the baby two rows before us which cried at the top of its lungs during taxi was silent after take off. However, due to the weather we started 90 minutes and arrived 60 minutes late. Immigration and customs in LA took two hours in total. I already pictured us coming out of the airport building in the dark after the immigration officer sent the two travelers in front of me to second inspection, but fortunately that didn't happen to us. We picked up the car from the rental station.

And then drove up to Griffin Observatory to experience a great sunset over Los Angeles. At last we saw the world-famous letters mounted on a hill nobody native to LA seems to care about... After driving Hollywood Boulevard, which is remarkably uninteresting, we proceeded to San Diego. And got stuck in a traffic jam while trying to avoid the traffic jam on the US 101. But eventually we arrived at the hotel in San Diego.

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Ah, you're on tour again. Actually, I'm a bit jealous, now that I've seen a glimpse of it. I hope I can join in again next year, and wish you much fun for this trip :)

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