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Streifen, an amazing animation movie

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer... The perfect season to watch movies! And for those who haven't been to Eurofurence, or who missed its premiere there, I have a recommendation:Streifen by German fantasy artist, animator and film maker kyo.

Photography Idol

Tchibo currently offers a reprint of Jupp Darchinger's book Wirtschaftswunder. It contains a selection of his photographs from the German post-war era to 1967. Though Darchinger is mainly known for his portraits of German politicians and as a political photo journalist for Die Zeit and Spiegel, I can better relate to the more general topics of his earlier work, which is covered by this book. I absolutely adore his style, nobody takes photos like these anymore. Unique composition, good instinct for catching the right moment, perfect lighting. Some pictures leave me standing agape. Photo journalism at its best.