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The other day, in a photo community...

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Finally finished editing my vacation photos...

I'm fed up with the posting about the urinal mat being the most recent entry here, so let me post something new. I finally finished editing the photos from our January vacation through California, Arizona and Utah.

Photography Idol

Tchibo currently offers a reprint of Jupp Darchinger's book Wirtschaftswunder. It contains a selection of his photographs from the German post-war era to 1967. Though Darchinger is mainly known for his portraits of German politicians and as a political photo journalist for Die Zeit and Spiegel, I can better relate to the more general topics of his earlier work, which is covered by this book. I absolutely adore his style, nobody takes photos like these anymore. Unique composition, good instinct for catching the right moment, perfect lighting. Some pictures leave me standing agape. Photo journalism at its best.

Cologne Furdance 2

Apart from annoying people on the train, the weekend was very nice. It started with tchk's very nice birthday party on Friday, on Saturday morning and afternoon I went photographing in Cologne, and at night I was attending the second Cologne Furdance. It was fun, and thanks to cheetah_spotty's nagging I already have edited the pictures.

Cat Content

Herbstcon was great. The new location is just perfect, the food was excellent (I gained one and a half pounds on weight and it took me all week to get back to my regular diet,) the atmosphere very relaxed, great people anyway, and the Daubachtal very lovely. Everyone loves the four months old kitten, and apparently it also loved us...

I'm addicted

I'm addicted to geo-location and geo-tagging now. I cannot stop playing with it. I've geo-tagged my vacation photos from January now and built a small JavaScript application based on the incredible OpenLayers framework to show where I took photos on an OpenStreetMap map or on top of Landsat7 satellite images:

Vacation Photos 2008

At last, I'm done with editing my vaction photos. A four week trip through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. 2643 pictures. After sorting and editing, 495 pictures in the large collection. And still 129 photos in the "best of" collection, which can be viewed at my online gallery.

Pictures from Les Mondes Hors-Pistes Festival

Got them up in my gallery: