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I'm addicted


I'm addicted to geo-location and geo-tagging now. I cannot stop playing with it. I've geo-tagged my vacation photos from January now and built a small JavaScript application based on the incredible OpenLayers framework to show where I took photos on an OpenStreetMap map or on top of Landsat7 satellite images:

RV trip 2008 with my parents

And while I was at it, the same for the RV trip 2006 with Kayjay and lynard_:

Works at least with Firefox 3, Konqueror 3, Opera 9, Safari 3.1, IE 7. Does not work with IE 6 and some builds of Konqueror 4. Google Chrome has issues.

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Das ist saucool, solltest du mal im usa forum posten

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Nette Sache.

Jetzt fehlt nur noch eine Navigation für Vor/Zurück der einzelnen Fotos (die dann auch gleich auf der Karte umherspringt) und ggf eine Übersichtsliste.

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