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Dear nanny, contrary to popular belief us men usually do. Even without stupid reminders.

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*nods* As much as I hate catching colds, I wash mine alot!
Usually ending up getting very chapped during the winter...

Just gotta use lotion often ;)

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Is that where I think it is? Yeech!

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You're not supposed to wash your hands in the bowl with the mat, of course. :-P

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urine is sterile you know, it's only a matter of taste if you eat something without washing your hands after that ;p
I usually use some hydroalcoholic gel to clean my hands before, and wash my hand with water and soap after. Because there are already plenty of bacteries on your hands before you need to go to toilets, so it's better to clean hands before to avoid some diseases, and then to wash it after.
But it seems at my home that I'm one of the few to use my bottle of gel or to use the lavatory to wash hands. Maybe I should put some pannels like that for friends coming here.

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