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And we're back!

I've decided to move to a rental machine. Not only that it's less expensive, it also has the advantage that someone else than me takes care of the hardware.

Maschin kaputt

Just a quick heads-up: My co-located machine keeps crashing after a reboot. I'm going to move to a rental machine ASAP (on Monday at earliest,) but it will take a couple of days until everything is working again. The current plan is:

  • Retrieve the broken machine from the data center
  • Recover the harddisk
  • Set up the base system on the new machine
  • Set up DNS (Secondaries: I'll send you an e-mail with the new IP number)
  • Restore e-mails
  • Set up e-mail services
  • Restore web services
  • Restore everything else
I'll send an update to all users as soon as service is back to normal. up & running

Everything hosted on and provided by should be working again. I apologize for the downtime and like to thank you for your patience.


Something went wrong during the upgrade from openSUSE 11.1 to 11.2, thus is currently down for unscheduled maintenance. I'll drive to the data center tomorrow to take a look why the machine does not come up anymore.