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California Vacation 2011 - Day 15: Back to Germany

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Finally caught up on vacation reports. This entry is about Saturday, January 22nd.

The flight back was with United Airlines. Quite a rough ride the first 45 minutes, but uneventful afterwards. A couple of children on board, but all of them old enough to stay calm. I even had several hours of sleep. Arrival in Frankfurt on the apron, but we met again at the baggage claim. No damage to our luggage, no hassle with customs, and Laimika eagerly awaiting us at the arrival area to pick up the book he asked Lynard to bring from FC. Furvan's father showed up shortly after, Kayjay had to run to get his train, and Lynard and I shared the train until Würzburg, his home town. I arrived in Nuremberg an hour later, dead tired, but very satisfied with another great vacation.

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It seems to have been a nice trip again for you this year.
I will probably go back to FC next year with some french people. I've definitively took some notes from your trip, there's a lot of places that I never did visit those last FC I was to, and which seems pretty interesting.

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