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California Vacation 2011 - Day 15: Back to Germany

Finally caught up on vacation reports. This entry is about Saturday, January 22nd.

Califorina Vacation 2011 - Report status

So much was going on during the last days of our vacation! Whenever I had the time to update this journal (which was seldom enough) there wasn't a stable Internet connection or I just was too tired to write coherently.

Locked out

As I came home Thursday night I couldn't open the door to my flat anymore: the dead bolt snapped back, but the latch didn't. Luckily I was able to remove the escutcheon plates and turn the axis of the spring bolt with the Leatherman. Now quickly to the hardware store before it closes and buy a new cylinder lock. And new escutcheon plates. I didn't take into account, though, that not only the cylinder lock was non-standard, but also the mortice lock. I had to google how to remove the cylinder, and the mortice lock does not take a standard cylinder lock. Dismantled, the system looks like this: