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California Vacation 2011 - Day 3: Old Town and Cabrillo NM


San Diego Old Town was on the list on Saturday. It's quite nice, with a lot to learn about the history of California. The Mormon Battalion house with its multi-media tour is quite interesting, even though (of course) told from the point of view of the Church of the Latter-day Saints. A lot of information required to understand the political situation is missing, but the presented facts seem to be correct, as far as I can tell. Probably equally interesting is that the presentation shows how Mormons see and like to present themselves today. They are probably painting a picture which is a bit too positive. But maybe that's just my German perception.

Next, we went to Cabrillo National Monument. It's always a good feeling to be at the ocean. There is not much to see or to do there, just a few short hikes and relaxation at the sea. I need that for my inner balance.


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