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Can someone buy me a cleanroom, please?


After one hour, 38 Q-tips, several test photos and lots of swearing I finally got rid of the newly accumulated sensor dust.

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Glad to hear you have managed to sort the dust...

My recently acquired EOS400D makes a great thing about having inbuilt sensor-cleaning which seems to be activated every time you power-down the camera. What the long-term effect of this is on the life of the sensor itself I do not know.

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All it does is draining the battery... It won't get rid of the dust I had on the sensor anyway. Neither blowing it off with an enema, nor shrubbing it off with a soft paint brush worked. I think it is still abrasion from the camera. It took Canon quite a while to solve this problem for the 350D series. My camera was build before that, I'm sure.

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...and then you sneezed. :-)

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