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Roadtrip 2010 - Ninth Day: Las Vegas

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Zefiro and Mendra went back to the Excalibur hotel on their own and came back with a lot of dragon plushies and figurines. The rest of us had lunch at the Golden Gate hotel on Fremont Street. The huge display of the Fremont Experience was not running, but it's an impressive construction even then. We saw the Martin Luther King Day parade, which was also very entertaining.

Look what we found when we returned to the RV...

The rest of the day was spent shopping at Fry's and driving to Death Valley. I wouldn't have stayed awake if I hadn't had an Oreo milk shake at Jack in the Box before (which I didn't finish). The weather here at Furnace Creek is very nice: clear sky and 16 °C. Let's hope it stays that way. And there is even a coyote roaming the campground.

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I hope you had a nice welcome from the plushie bunch :)

I didn't notice the coyote, unfortunately. Perhaps my sleep is just too good to be disturbed that easily.

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