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Florida Trip, day 4: Megaplex aftermath

Fursuit bowling after Megaplex started one hour late, but was very entertaining. Unfortunately, it also ended late, so we didn't get to visit a theme park. Instead, BBF, Yappy, Kwisa and me chatted a bit and afterwards drove to Downtown Kissimmee. At night, we had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's at Downtown Disney with more than 10 people. The Macadamia Chicken was excellent.

Florida Trip, day 2 & 3: Megaplex

The concert of Matthew Ebel was great. He needs a band, though. He's a hell of a piano player, and his voice is excellent. But the pre-recorded drums and bass don't sound right.

Florida Trip, day 1 & 2: Megaplex

I'm having a blast. From what I had about Megaplex beforehand, I was expecting some kind of American MMC. And indeed, it is a relax-a-con deluxe. Even though there is not overly much programming, the panels and events are excellent. The Megaplex staff is running the convention very smoothly, everyone is having a great time and its fun to hang out with all the folks here.