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Vacation Photos


Remember my vacation reports from January? Well, I've got the photographs cleaned-up ( sensor dust!), cropped, scaled and uploaded at last.

You can find a selection of the pictures at my web gallery.

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What was the problem with the Java galleries, regarding upgrades?

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jGallery: supposedly being able to include directories from elsewhere in the file system by evaluating the docBase of a different context. However, this doesn't work with anything newer than Tomcat 3.X. The workaround with the properties file does not seem to work as well. It doesn't follow symlinks from the unpacked servlet to the real location, either. Unfortunately, Tomcat does follow the symlink when undeploying the servlet, subsequently removing all my pictures.

ginp: well, it seems to be in a much better state. Apart from storing passwords in clear text, crappy thumbnail quality and resizing the pictures according to some arbitrary values. And apparently it re-creates the thumbnails on every request. At least the servlet itself can be re-deployed without losing any configuration data.

Anyway, the thing about Java programmers ignoring best practices of system administration: they assume that you always re-deploy the whole application with the updated data -- or store everything in an SQL database. The concept of a file in a file system seems to be alien to these people.

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