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Not so much fun with mp3 tagging

I've been observing problems mp3 tags not being displayed on some devices, while others display the information just fine. By chance, I found out why.

Final Pawpet Rehearsal

For the last couple of days we had the last rehearsals of the Eurofurence puppet show. Well, except for the dress rehearsal, of course, which will happen on site. As usual, it was a very busy and productive weekend. Without flooding, fortunately. I was a bit concerned after the first run on Saturday, as quite a lot of things just didn't work and every scene had to be played twice. But yesterday's rehearsal went quite smoothly and I'm reassured that it will be working in Suhl.

Dear avian friends,

my new car is not a public restroom.

Project: Gasoline Merlin

I got my new car today. A brand new Škoda Octavia Combi¹ Team Edition.


Yup. Wednesday.