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Anthrocon 2010

After three years I went to Anthrocon again. And what can I say? I had a blast!

Anthrocon Wrapup

I really had a blast at Anthrocon, even though everything is quite blurry. I don't know why, probably sensory overflow... The only alcoholic drink I had was at Banshee and Fluke's room party where I couldn't deny the glass of Jägerbomb offered... Otherwise, lots of fun with fursuits, talking to a couple of folks I haven't met for quite a while, buying stuff, observing the TV team, playing with bigbluefox's video camera while he was in suit (damn, that thing is heavy and I certainly need to learn quite a lot about semi-pro videotaping before anything bearable comes out of my attempts to work with that cam), and quite a lot of other things going on I don't even remember. Wow.


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Got my luggage.

Well, I got my luggage tonight. But only after getting quite insistent on the lost baggage hotline of Air France, who at first tried to get rid off me by claiming that they couldn't do anything but filing a "courtesy request" as I haven't requested a tracking number in Washington. Yes, very funny, if I had done it I would have missed my connection to Pittsburgh and would have been stranded in Washington in the middle of the night. Processing time for the request would have been 48 hours. Courtesy?! It was their fucking fault that my luggage didn't arrive here. And they seriously wanted to leave me without my luggage for the whole trip? Only after I started to yell at the lady she researched what had happened to my stuff. But still plainly refused to deliver it the hotel. We had to drive to the airport and pick it up ourselves.

Arrived in Pittsburgh...

I'm in Pittsburgh. My luggage isn't.