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Improving the small shoulder support

Does anyone remember the shoulder unicycle? It used to be just an aluminum bracket to rest against the shoulder. Very simple and very effective.

A small shoulder support

The large shoulder support I built a while ago is really useful and I don't want to film without it anymore. However, it is also quite bulky and heavy, which means it is quite impractical to take it on air travel.

Shoulder Support, rev 1.0

And here's the solution to my small puzzle. It has something to do with rods, indeed. In fact, it is my first attempt at building a should support for large video camera. It all starts with purchasing materials (notably, aluminium profiles, screws, bolts rivets and tools):

Installing the class 3 certificate on the N73

As it takes a while to find the right information through search engines, here's how to install a 3rd-party X.509 CA certificate to the Nokia N73 (and other S60 platform, 3rd edition or later, phones):

  • You'll need a DER encoded certificate, PEM doesn't work.
  • The web server with the certificate has to return content type application/x-x509-ca-cert

Unfortunately,'s web server currently returns text/plain for the DER-encoded class 3 certificate. The documentation from Nokia describes how to install it by transferring the cert file to the phone. I haven't tried that, though. Instead, I simply copied the DER file to my own web server, which returns the correct content type, and downloaded it from there with the phone.

The perils of creating an MP4 stream

This is a rant, sort of... I was trying to crate MP4 files with H.264 video and AAC audio codecs (as this is the only thing Apple Quicktime Player is going to play.)