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Improving the small shoulder support

Does anyone remember the shoulder unicycle? It used to be just an aluminum bracket to rest against the shoulder. Very simple and very effective.

A small shoulder support

The large shoulder support I built a while ago is really useful and I don't want to film without it anymore. However, it is also quite bulky and heavy, which means it is quite impractical to take it on air travel.

Shoulder Support, rev 1.0

And here's the solution to my small puzzle. It has something to do with rods, indeed. In fact, it is my first attempt at building a should support for large video camera. It all starts with purchasing materials (notably, aluminium profiles, screws, bolts rivets and tools):

Vacation video (pt 2)

I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to accomplish things in Linux once someone works out the process. DVD Authoring is a good example of this.
— Chris Stoddard, Linux Gazette #83

Vacation video done, at last (pt 1)

In case you wondered why I didn't update my LJ for several weeks (and rarely said something on Twitter, either): I was busy editing last year's vacation video. I won't link it here, it is mostly personal stuff and the quality of the footage is rather poor, but it was a nice exercise to learn editing. As Kdenlive still isn't suitable for such a large project (but progressing quite well currently,) I had to resort to a non-free editing solution. Adobe Premiere Elements did the job amazingly well, at least I didn't miss any feature of the professional version. Granted, as a 32 bit application it runs out of memory quite often with such a comparatively large project, but I've seen much worse behaviour of much more expensive software. The movie had more than 700 774 clips on the time line in the end, and runs for 94 minutes.

Broken Camera

My old video camera died. Luckily, I bought a new and better one some weeks ago. But it is still a sobering experience to see 200-odd Euros worth of electronics turning into a useless brick shortly after warranty runs out. Even though the correct voltage can be measured at the test points, the camera doesn't do anything. No tape operation, no display, nothing.