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Locked out

As I came home Thursday night I couldn't open the door to my flat anymore: the dead bolt snapped back, but the latch didn't. Luckily I was able to remove the escutcheon plates and turn the axis of the spring bolt with the Leatherman. Now quickly to the hardware store before it closes and buy a new cylinder lock. And new escutcheon plates. I didn't take into account, though, that not only the cylinder lock was non-standard, but also the mortice lock. I had to google how to remove the cylinder, and the mortice lock does not take a standard cylinder lock. Dismantled, the system looks like this:

New music on the shelf (6)

After a long time, here's a selection of what I purchased recently:


Es schneit, die Fahrbahn ist frei, der Radweg lebensgefährlich weil wieder einmal seit Tagen nicht geräumt. Ich steh an der Ampel, vor mir ein PKW. Steigt eine ältere Frau aus: Sagense mal, warum fahren Sie nicht auf dem Radweg?!""Weil da nicht geräumt ist.""Was Sie machen ist gefährlich! Sie müssen auf dem Radweg fahren!"Nein, da ist nicht geräumt, da fliege ich auf die Fresse."Völlig unmöglich was Sie hier machen!". Steigt ein, fährt los.

Roadtrip 2010 - Bay Area

We checked out Tuesday morning, went to Fry's and then to the Hotel Bijou in San Francisco again. Spent some time at Barnes & Nobles and had dinner at Lori's Diner. More cable car riding and shopping on Wednesday. The choice in DVDs (or Bluray disks) even got smaller, and apparently nobody sells any CDs except new releases and best-of albums anymore...

Roadtrip 2010 - Further Confusion

First of all, the Fairmont hotel is great. The staff is friendly and competent, the rooms are nice and well maintained, only the light in the lobby and conference center could be a bit brighter. The bar is quite expensive, unfortunately, but hey, I was on vacation. And except for their Manhattan the cocktails are excellent.

Roadrip 2010 - Back to San Francisco

I know, it's been a while, but so much has been going on in the meantime that I just didn't have the time to update LJ.

Roadtrip 2010 - Impressions

I didn't find the time sorting pictures earlier. Here's a small collection I'm going to add added to the individual journal entries later.

Roadtrip 2010 - Tenth Day: Death Valley

I woke up on a murder of crows walking on the roof of the motorhome. And did I mention last night's coyote? We saw two very tame roadrunners at the visitor center. One even tried to get into our RV...