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Maschin kaputt

Just a quick heads-up: My co-located machine keeps crashing after a reboot. I'm going to move to a rental machine ASAP (on Monday at earliest,) but it will take a couple of days until everything is working again. The current plan is:

  • Retrieve the broken machine from the data center
  • Recover the harddisk
  • Set up the base system on the new machine
  • Set up DNS (Secondaries: I'll send you an e-mail with the new IP number)
  • Restore e-mails
  • Set up e-mail services
  • Restore web services
  • Restore everything else
I'll send an update to all users as soon as service is back to normal.

Beware of cheap chocolate

As Lindt significantly increased the price for its 85% cocoa chocolate. Sorry, more than two Euros for a bar of industrially made chocolate is ridiculous. While the price of the 70% cocoa chocolate did not increase, it taste apparently changed. Thus, I'm trying other chocolates now. The first attempt was a bar of GEPA fair trade bitter chocolate. Not bad, should have been conched a bit longer, though. However, I absolutely hate the taste of cane sugar in chocolate. Actually, I hate the taste of cane sugar in almost everything except rum.

The other day, in a photo community...

...any photo community.

Improving the small shoulder support

Does anyone remember the shoulder unicycle? It used to be just an aluminum bracket to rest against the shoulder. Very simple and very effective.

Anthrocon 2010

After three years I went to Anthrocon again. And what can I say? I had a blast!

Finally finished editing my vacation photos...

I'm fed up with the posting about the urinal mat being the most recent entry here, so let me post something new. I finally finished editing the photos from our January vacation through California, Arizona and Utah.

Stupididity International, Inc

Die deutsche Presse und Google Street View

Ich wollte schon länger einen Text darüber schreiben, wie bigotte deutsche Journalisten und Politiker gegen Google hetzen — und was vermutlich tatsächlich auf ihrer Agenda steht. Freundlicherweise hat dies mspr0 unter dem Titel "Ein Persönlichkeitsrecht für Jägerzäune" übernommen. Dem bleibt kaum etwas hinzuzfügen.