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How to handle a tricky public relations issue

What do Mormons and the Furry Fandom have in common? Next to nothing. However, both face the same problem when it comes to answering ridicule: how to react appropriately and at the same time ask their own community to not engage in an embarrassing debate. Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Southpark fame wrote a satirical musical called Book or Mormon which will premier next month on New York Broadway. This is the official statement by the LDS Church. Quite brilliant, from a PR point of view: they do not take the bait, do not criticize the musical, don't say they're offended, don't try to justify themselves, they just state what's important to them. And, more directed at their own fellowship than at outsiders, they link to their general stance on media coverage, which remarkably well explains how to react on unfavorable reports and fiction without getting into a defensive position.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 15: Back to Germany

Finally caught up on vacation reports. This entry is about Saturday, January 22nd.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 14: Pacific Coast

Still catching up on vacation reports. This entry is about Friday, January 21st.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 14: Cartoon Museum

Still catching up on vacation reports. This entry is about Thursday, January 20th.

Califorina Vacation 2011 - Day 13: Exploratorium

It's been a couple of years since I visited the Exploratorium, and Kayjay and Lynard didn't know it at all, so this is where we spent the day. Furvan went shopping on his own, though. Lucky for him he doesn't know what he was missing. There are some similar museums around the world based on the same didactic concept, but the Exploratorium is still the best in my opinion. Countless physical experiments to try yourself, well constructed and explained. We entered at half past ten in the morning and got thrown out after only twenty minutes — when they were closing at five in the afternoon. I believe that's one of the few experiments without a proper description: the difference between your sense of time and the actual time spent at the museum.

Califorina Vacation 2011 - Day 12: Coyote Point

Tuesday, we're among the last few furries checking out of the Fairmont. Packing the car, heading for San Francisco. Breakfast at Starbucks somewhere near San Mateo, Furvan shopping for fursuit building materials at a sports store, then a small detour to Coyote Point County Park, visiting the small animal park.

California Vacation 2011 - Day 8 - 11: Further Confusion

The year's Further Confusion was a pleasant surprise after last year. Granted, I didn't expect anything at all this time — too many regulars were not able to attend, mostly those who were important contributors to FC's unique atmosphere. They were dearly missed, indeed. I heard several voices blaming the Fairmont for lack of atmosphere, but it's the guests that make a convention, not the hotel. In fact I only had few issues with the hotel, mostly with the slow bar service, which on Sunday ignored us completely. The majority of the hotel staff was very lovely, at least to us. But even with many of our friends missing, something was back: the FC spirit. A bit weak, but definitely there.

Califorina Vacation 2011 - Report status

So much was going on during the last days of our vacation! Whenever I had the time to update this journal (which was seldom enough) there wasn't a stable Internet connection or I just was too tired to write coherently.